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Digital Flyovers by The Frequency Finders - A joint venture with Arcom Digital

The Frequency Finders and Arcom Digital have formed an exclusive partnership that for the first time will enable flyovers with digital leakage detection capability to be performed. The new digital flyover service offered by the Frequency Finders will have the capability to simultaneously record data and report leakage on multiple frequencies covering both the aeronautic and LTE frequency bands.

The Digital Flyover service will utilize Arcom Digital’s QAM Snare technology and equipment modified for flyovers. QAM Snare operates by correlating samples of QAM channels captured at the headend, with samples of the same QAM channel captured off‐air with a receiving antenna. QAM Snare has been extensively tested over the past two years, and is now being actively deployed by several MSO’s.

Additionally, the high frequency and dual detection aspects of QAM Snare and the corresponding increased visibility to high frequency plant integrity will prove extremely useful as a means to better maintain the network.

QAM Snare is the only technology suitable for use in flyovers. Due to the physics of Doppler shift, the approach of inserting a low level carrier between QAM channels will simply not be effective. Other providers in the market have offered a solution using a sensitive broadband receiver to record all signals over a cable plant system. Aside from questions of ambient industrial noise inherently masking all but very high level leaks, the fatal flaw in this approach is the inability to distinguish the source of the QAM channel and the uncertainty of whether or not it is originating from your cable system or an outside source. A rough approximation is that 30-40% of all markets have overbuilt networks, with a larger percentage in metropolitan markets. This verifies the need to insert a marker using the simple headend processing unit.

We are in the final stages of testing and FAA approval of aircraft installations. Our goal is to have this product available to MSO’s in late 2015 to early 2016.


Travis Stebelton
The Frequency Finders

Chris Graham
Arcom Digital