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Essential to meeting client needs is our understanding of product implementation. We must fit into the workflow of our customers. Offering flexible solutions while limiting customer impact allows us to provide the most efficient service possible. From product development, deployment and scheduling of services, we meet your demands.

In order to meet this goal, our team focuses on solutions to solve the next technological roadblock keeping you from reaching your peak operating performance. If you have a spectrum concern, we can solve it! Our team of industry leading engineers are ready to develop a scalable solution to fit your needs.

Tomorrow’s technology, today.

The ability to capture spectrum in large widths (up to 6 Ghz) is critical to analyzing signals of importance to your operation. However, the most valuable information often lies deep within the data. In order to accurately analyze expansive amounts of information, the ability to view it in layers becomes critical. One of TFF’s partner companies has developed groundbreaking signal analysis software, enabling signal capture, recording and playback features to dig deep into the RF spectrum. This software, along with industry leading instrumentation, opens doors to new techniques for viewing and managing your spectrum with critical data.

Our data analysis software allows us to locate all signals of interest, such as those close to the noise floor, short in duration and in crowded RF spectrum. Extracting signals of interest to you, combined with verification of the source, allows us to produce meaningful and useful reports to improve your operation.

Air Spectrum Measurements
Arcom Partnership

The Frequency Finders and Arcom Digital have partnered to develop the most advanced measurement techniques for the ever changing needs of network management. Our focus today is targeted on solutions for leakage in a high split world. We will provide updates on these solutions as we finish the initial testing phase.

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